Thrawn (Star Wars: Thrawn #1) by Timothy Zahn - Book Review 27, May

I love the Star Wars universe; it’s expansive and full of countless possibilities and potential. I do, however, have to be honest: I haven’t watched all of the shows (though I’m currently making my way through The Clone Wars) and I’ve only read a handful of the novels from the Expanded Universe, or what is now called Star Wars Legends; and, unfortunately, the original Thrawn trilogy is not included in that handful. With that being said, I’ve been curious about the character of Thrawn and thought it time to find out why so many fans of the Legends brand were thrilled to see him make the crossover to canon. Now that I’m finished with Thrawn by Timothy Zahn – and longing to read its sequel, Thrawn: Alliances – I fully understand the appeal.

Star Wars: Thrawn by Timothy Zahn Book Review 23, Aug


My first Star Wars novel, which would literally change my life, was Dark Force Rising in 1992. I was twelve-years-old and it changed my view of how Star Wars and writing were supposed to work. It was darker (but not too dark), more serious (but not too serious), and had a focus on politics as well as military tactics (but without ending up like the Prequels of Honorverse's later books). I loved them so much I read every single one of Timothy Zahn's other Star Wars books and plan to read his original works sometime this year.

Thrawn: Treason by Timothy Zahn - Book Review 15, Aug

I enjoyed Thrawn: Allegiances but there was a certain little something missing from Zahn’s second Thrawn outing into the new Star Wars canon. For one, the Clone Wars part of the dual narrative Allegiances embraced felt…inconsequential.  Not bad, necessarily, but inconsequential.