Villain's Defeat (The Shadow Master #4) by MK Gibson Book Review 21, Mar


The SHADOW MASTER series by MK Gibson is a delightful comedic send-up of Dark Lords, supervillains, and antagonists in fiction. Jackson Blackwell a.k.a the Shadow Master has one of the most unique jobs in the multiverse: he is an advisor to villains. If you are a Sauron, a Ganon, or Doctor Doom then you might find yourself in need of advice on how to step up your game then the Shadow Master is the one to call.

Villain's Deception (The Shadow Master #3) by M.K. Gibson Book Review 18, Jul


VILLAIN'S DECEPTION is the third novel in the Shadow Master series. The Shadow Master, Jackson Blackwell, is a consulting villain who runs an agency that essentially educates supervillains and Dark Lords in the finer art of being bad guys. Jackson is a paid Evil Overlord's List and gets to indulge in his sadistic desire to put down the cliche of his clients. Free admission here, I met Michael Gibson in a writing group and loved one of his novels so much that I wrote a Foreword for it. I also am terminally biased towards novels about supervillains or antiheroes. It comes with being the author of the Supervillainy Saga.

Villain's Pride (The Shadow Master #2) by M.K. Gibson Book Review 12, Apr


VILLAINS PRIDE by Michael Gibson is a sequel to the hilarious VILLAINS RULE. The premise of the books is the Shadow Master is a supervillain from our Earth. Though a peculiar series of circumstances, he went from being an ordinary nerd to a man with the powers of a god. The powers which he uses to fight against truth, justice, and cheerfulness across a multiverse of Gary Stu-filled bad storytelling.