A Shattering of Glass (The Riven Realm #3) by Deck Matthews - Book Review 06, Oct

A Shattering of Glass continues at the breakneck pace set in the first two installments of the Riven Realm series. Deck Matthews once again has spun a tale that feels like a little slice of a big story, and manages to make it feel self-contained, and independently satisfying. Overall, I think this is my favorite book in the series, with major arcs and character personalities coming into focus.

Dust of the Darkness (The Riven Realm #2) by Deck Matthews - Book Review 29, Sep

Dust of the Darkness picks up right where book one left off, and takes us on another whirlwind adventure. Once again Deck Matthews has packed a story into a sleek mold, making for a fast-paced and overall enjoyable read. If you liked the First of Shadows you’ll definitely appreciate the continuation of the Riven Realm series.

The First of Shadows (The Riven Realm #1) by Deck Matthews - Book Review 22, Sep

The First of Shadows is a perfect read for Wheel of Time fans. It presents a unique offering, epic fantasy condensed into a well-paced novella, something the aforementioned series is not exactly famous for. But Deck Mathews pulls it off, the book is well-written, full of interesting worldbuilding, and is engaging throughout.