The Midas Effect by Manuel Dorado - Book Review 29, Apr

The Midas Effect by Manuel Dorado is based on the premise of a Midas – a seemingly all-powerful being who can make anything they imagine become reality through the use of quantum inflection. Other quantum inflexors exist too with varying levels of ability. Vladimir, an ex-KGB agent and current leader of the top-secret Project, has been studying quantum inflection and searching for a Midas all his life. At last, he has found someone he believes to be a Midas, a Spaniard named Miguel. Vladimir sends his best researcher Monica, who is a quantum inflexor herself, to lure Miguel in, and eventually, under the oversight of the CIA, they convince him to voluntarily join the Project. Things seem to be going well, aside from the small hiccup of Monica and Miguel falling in love. However, once it is proven that Miguel is a Midas, it comes to light that the CIA has very different plans for him.