The Emperor's Blades (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, #1) 15, May

After finishing Skullsworn by Staveley, I decided to go through the Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne trilogy via audiobook and Simon Vance, once again, fails to disappoint, though after listening to him read The Black Prism by Brent Weeks, I kept thinking a Prism was going to bust out and start wreaking havoc. But alas, that never happened. No chromaturgy on this side of the fantasy spectrum. 

The Emperor's Blades (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne #1) 10, Feb

Rating: 4/5 Stars

To be honest, I knew next to nothing about ‘The Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne’ trilogy other than the gorgeous covers it have and some great praises from my trusted friends on Goodreads. That’s enough to made me enthusiastic about reading the trilogy and it’s suffice to say that The Emperor’s Blade, Brian Staveley’s debut work managed to meet my expectation differently. Brian used to teach history, religion and philosophy for 10 years before writing this debut novel and it’s really evident from the book that he knows his material strongly.