Battle Ground (The Dresden Files #17) by Jim Butcher - Book Review 10, Oct

I've read the first half of this story (see my review of Peace Talks) back in July, and of course I jumped straight into this novel as soon as it came out.

The Dresden Files 02, May

I’ve first read the first 3 volumes in the Dresden Files, then let it lapse for a while. It was a nice concept, but I found them a tad simplistic and they didn't really grab me. Last year I’ve binge read the rest of the series in order, and reviewing individual volumes on Goodreads and Amazon as I go. Below are my thoughts about the series as it stands to date.

Death Masks (The Dresden Files, #5) 03, Dec

4/5 stars.

This is my favourite Dresden File to date because for the very first time reading this series, I actually felt emotional resonance.