Murder by Other Means (The Dispatcher #2) by John Scalzi - Book Review 19, Oct

With his regular work drying up and money getting tight, dispatcher Tony Valdez finds the jobs he gets offered are straying more and more into legal gray areas. But when an old colleague organizes a bank robbery and things point to Tony’s involvement, he has to convince people on both sides of the law of his innocence. 

The Dispatcher (The Dispatcher #1) by John Scalzi - Book Review 19, Oct

Imagine a world where murder victims are returned to life, safe at home in their beds, their bodies reset to the condition of several hours prior to death. Now imagine how that could be exploited. That’s where Tony Valdez comes in.

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3/5 stars

This was an interesting listen for me. On the one hand, I felt like the story itself was unique. You have a man who kills people but isn’t an assassin (or at least, not really), an FBI agent who doesn’t follow the rules, and a missing man who maybe isn’t actually missing? But on the other hand, the main character didn’t feel fleshed out, and maybe a bit inconsistent. The prose was a bit stale, too. But I think many people will like the story itself.