Stormblood by Jeremy Szal (The Common #1) 04, Jun

Mass Effect meets Cyberpunk in this thrilling debut from a powerful new voice in the Sci-Fi genre.

Stormblood tells the story of Vakov Fukasawa, an ex-Reaper (bio-enhanced soldiers imbued with addictive alien-tech), who has survived one brutal war only to be dragged into another. Vakov makes a living by working small-time jobs with his hacker friend, Grim, on the space station, Compass. At the beginning of the novel, he finds himself cornered by Harmony, the very organisation that had made him into a Reaper in the first place. Someone has been murdering his former comrades and they want him to find out who. The only lead they have is his estranged brother, Artyom, who he has not spoken to in years. What follows is an exciting, action-packed sci-fi detective thrill ride that explores the true meaning of family and the severe impact of drugs on both the individual and society.