SPFBO 2019 - Phase 1 - Sixth Booknest Semifinalist 02, Nov

It has been my great pleasure to once again to have been invited to serve as an SPFBO guest judge by Booknest. My job has been to review five of the thirty books in Booknest's batch, and forward one of them as a semifinalist. And so, without further ado...

Sir Edric and the Plague (The Hero of Hornska #3) 16, Oct

This year I once again have the honor of serving as a guest judge for Booknest in the SPFBO. It's my job to read and review five of Booknest's batch of thirty books (no ratings), and forward my pick of the lot as a semi-finalist. Today I'm reviewing Sir Edric and the Plague by Thaddeus White, a bawdy comedic romp through elven lands teaming with bizarre monsters and often even more bizarre allies.