Shadows of Ivory (The Godforged Chronicles #1) by T.L. Greylock, Bryce O'Connor - Book Review 22, Mar

Shadows of Ivory is an entertaining adventure story full of interesting characters and memorable scenes. When a young noble woman steals an ancient artifact from a dastardly aristocrat she stumbles onto a secret buried in the pages of history. What follows is a globe spanning hunt for a set of powerful relics shrouded in mystery. Over the course of her pursuit, Eska de Caraval, uncovers competing factions hellbent on recovering these magical MacGuffins for nefarious purposes.

The Blood-Tainted Winter (The Song of the Ash Tree #1) by T.L. Greylock - Book Review 31, Dec

When his father is killed at a meeting to select the new king, Raef Skallagrim swears vengeance. But as various factions begin to vie for power, he finds himself at the mercy of not only the other Lords but of the Gods themselves.