As I believe I have mentioned in previous reviews, I have greatly struggled this year to actually sit down and read a physical book. My last six reviews, I believe, have all been audio books. It is therefore with sincere happiness I can tell you about Susanna Clarke’s Piranesi, the first physical book I have managed to read in its entirety since February.

Piranesi tells the story of a lone man’s life in an otherworldly house comprised of labyrinthine corridors, populated by stunning statues, and filled with a boundless ocean. His lone companion, apart from a wide variety of birds and fish, is the Other, a mysterious man who seeks Piranesi’s aid in discovering A Great and Secret Knowledge within the House.  But in search of this secret knowledge, Piranesi uncovers a far more sinister truth than he could have possible imagined. What follows is a tale comparable to likes of Carroll, Lewis, or L’Engle.