Redshirts by John Scalzi Book Review 20, Sep


Sometimes you run into a book that seems tailor made for you. John Scalzi is an author that I have very much enjoyed the works of, including Old Man's War or The Collapsing Empire. He has a delightful appreciation for the absurd and a wonderfully snarky observational humor that reminds me a great deal of my own. His books sometimes go in odd and bizarre directions but that's part of the journey.

The Way to the Stars (Star Trek: Discovery #4) by Una McCormack Book Review 07, Sep


STAR TREK: DISCOVERY: THE WAY TO THE STARS is a Young Adult novel based in the Star Trek universe. I have been enjoying the Star Trek: Discovery spin-off novels starting with Michael Burnham and Spock's adventure in Desperate Hour and continuing in works like Drastic Measures. They're a great mix of Star Trek: The Original Series lore with a new perspective on the life of characters from the 23rd century as well as their culture.

Desperate Hours (Star Trek: Discovery #1) by David Mack Book Review 29, Aug


I was hoping for the novels to be handed over to the same people who have always handled the novels for what I considered to be the "James Luceno effect." Which is a reference to James Luceno getting offered to do a Star Wars novel after the canon reboot and the immediate effect being he incorporated as much previous Expanded Universe into the book as humanly possible. In this case, David Mack does an excellent job of handling a much bigger job of making it clear not only does Discovery fit into the timeline of the Original Series but there's no reason to be exceptionally worried about it.