Rogue Elements (Star Trek: Picard #3) by John Jackson Miller Book Review 27, Aug


I am a huge John Jackson Miller fan from the days when he was writing the KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC comic book. He is a writer that manages to carefully walk the balance beam between high comedy and aggressively serious depressing moments. I have yet to read something by him I didn't like and was compelled to pick up this book to read what he was doing with the Picard timeline.

The Dark Veil (Star Trek: Picard #2) by James Swallow Book Review 22, Aug


I am a big defender of the STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, PICARD, and LOWER DECKS series. However, if I had to choose between them then I'd probably say that Picard is my favorite of the three. It has the most interesting premise and ideas to develop. Indeed, my biggest issue is that I felt the first season was far too compact and that it needed another few episodes to detail all the various concepts it was dealing with.

The Last Best Hope (Star Trek: Picard #1) by Una McCormack Book Review 22, Aug


Babylon Five was our last best hope fo...oh wait, wrong franchise. It's actually an Abraham Lincoln quote but that's what the title of this book reminded me of. I should note that I am an enormous Star Trek fan. I am enormous Star Trek fan that is also a fan of Star Wars. I am a double-agent of both franchises and cannot be trusted because I have violated the sacred taboo of loving both. However, I will say how much I love the fact that both franchises are still going strong. While not without its flaws, Discovery was awesome and I was tickled when I got to see Picard. I watched that television show three times.