Second Self (Star Trek: Picard #4) by Una McCormack Book Review 17, Oct

STAR TREK: PICARD is something of a broken base for me. It's one of my all-time favorite time periods in the Star Trek chronology for the world-building set up in Season One: the Romulan supernova, the Synthetic Ban, the destruction of Mars, and the lawlessness of the former Neutral Zone. However, the simple fact is that Season Two had no interest in any of this and thus I must turn to secondary canon in order to get my fill. So far, I've very much enjoyed all of the books in the setting but just wish for more. MOAR.

No Man's Land (Star Trek: Picard #4) by Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson Book Review 06, May


STAR TREK: PICARD: NO MAN'S LAND is a audio drama that is about an hour and a half long as well as primarily done by Michelle Hurd alongside Jeri Ryan. There are plenty of other cast members, though, and it is written by Star Trek mainstay Kirsten Beyer. It is something I immediately bought despite not liking audio dramas generally and much-preferring the printed page or more traditional audiobooks.

Rogue Elements (Star Trek: Picard #3) by John Jackson Miller Book Review 27, Aug


I am a huge John Jackson Miller fan from the days when he was writing the KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC comic book. He is a writer that manages to carefully walk the balance beam between high comedy and aggressively serious depressing moments. I have yet to read something by him I didn't like and was compelled to pick up this book to read what he was doing with the Picard timeline.