Shadows of Self (Mistborn, #5) by Brandon Sanderson 14, Jun

Shadows of Self is the second book in Sanderson’s Mistborn Series Two, which picks up several hundred years after the original Mistborn trilogy. The characters from that original trilogy have become mythical figures, incorporated into the world’s historical, social, and spiritual beliefs. Book One in this second series (The Alloy of Law) was essentially ‘magic meets cowboys in a fantasy wild west.’ I loved this premise. It was especially cool to take Sanderson’s innovative allomancy magic system – where people gain different powers from burning metals within them – and then transpose this into a kind of 1850s American Wild West aesthetic, where you had these magicians, doing train robberies and flying around proto-skyscrapers in the city. And with Shadows of Self – a detective thriller about magicians racing to stop a shape-shifting assassin – he improved on The Alloy of Law in every way.