A Gathering of Ravens (Grimnir #1) by Scott Oden - Book Review 11, May

When a young Christian acolyte on their way to monastery encounters a creature of legend bent on revenge, their life is changed forever.

Twilight of the Gods(Grimnir #2) 30, Dec

Twilight of the GodsĀ by Scott Oden is a confident and daring sequel delivering a blood soaked story of identity and power as myths and legends refuse to die.

A Gathering of Ravens: A Novel by Scott Oden Book Review 02, Oct


A GATHERING OF RAVENS is a novel set in the Bernard Cornwell-esque world of Vikings, Christians, and the conflict between their faiths. The big difference here is the supernatural is explicitly real in Scott Oden's world where all of Norse Mythology is true but so is Celtic and Christian. The White Christ is conquering the world and his symbol repels the magic of the Old Gods even as they fight with their own followers over mass conversions. It is a violent, dark, cynical, and thoroughly fascinating novel I recommend to all fans of true grimdark.