Oh, That Shotgun Sky (Songs of Sefate #2) by Sarah Chorn - Book Review 08, Mar

Oh the Shotgun Sky is a short novella that takes place straight after Of Honey and Wildfires in the same fantasy version of the Wild West – Shine Territory.

Glass Rhapsody (The Songs of Sefate #2) by Sarah Chorn Book Review 08, Jul


GLASS RHAPSODY is the second book for THE SONGS OF SEFATE series by Sarah Chorn. The original volume, OF HONEY AND WILDFIRES, was my pick for best fantasy book of 2021. No small praise since I read about 200 a year. The series is a fantasy steampunk one set in a sort of pseudo-Old West where instead of cattle barons, the economy is dominated by a corporation that owns all of the mines that extract the magic substance known as shine. Shine is a food additive, drug, and power source that just about everyone wants but has a drastic toll.

Of Honey and Wildfires (The Songs of Sefate #1) by Sarah Chorn - Book Review 28, Jun

Disclaimer: Sarah Chorn is my editor. Thankfully this book was great so it didn't affect my review.   

Of Honey and Wildfires is an emotional wild west fantasy that swings for the fences. I had heard rave reviews about the novel before going in so I had high expectations…and I was not disappointed. This book is a great read for anyone who appreciates prose with a poetic flare and complex family dynamics.