Red Rising (Red Rising Saga #1) by Pierce Brown - Book Review 29, Jul

Red Rising is a dystopian science fiction novel of oppression and revolution…sort of. Darrow is slave. A Red. A downtrodden caste living beneath the surface of Mars. When his life is upended by the cruelty of the Golds, his society’s lofty rulers, Darrow embarks on a quest to transform his society. For me, this story was all about the contrast between setup and pay off. The whole thing is very well written, and definitely a page turner, but the story I was promised and the story I got, didn’t quite jive.

Iron Gold (Red Rising #4) 03, Mar

Rating: 5/5 stars

Well done, Pierce.  This was a bloodydamn phenomenal reentry into a story I thought had come to an end.  

Iron Gold (Red Rising Saga #4) 07, Feb

Rating: 5/5 stars

A bloodydamn spellbinding return to my number one favorite Sci-Fi series of all time.