Dyrk Ashton's unbound imagination in Wrath of Gods puts Neil Gaiman to shame.

Paternus: Rise of Gods (The Paternus Trilogy #1) by Dyrk Ashton Book Review 07, Dec


Every once in a while you come across a book which is truly special and I will volunteer that Paternus: The Rise of the Gods is one of those books. It's a book which is genuinely imaginative and fascinating in its world building as well as the implications of such ideas. It's an action story with each of the the conflicts between being big, epic, and mythic affairs (for good reason too). There's a bit of American Gods, a bit of the Illiad, and even a bit of the Transformers.

Paternus: Berserker, A Short Story 16, Aug

A fascinating, albeit brief, introduction to the Paternus series. Brutal, bloody, and, per Ashton's norm, heavily researched.