War of Gods (Paternus #3) by Dyrk Ashton Book Review 18, Nov


PATERNUS: WAR OF GODS is the third book in the Paternus trilogy by Dyrk Ashton. It is the story of how there is a secret race of suphumans that inspired all of human mythology as well as religion. These beings are divided between the Deva and Ashura that have battled repeatedly throughout history. It is now the final battle between them and whoever wins shall inherit rulership over the universe forever.

Paternus: War of Gods by Dyrk Ashton (Paternus Trilogy #3) 01, Jul

An awe-inspiring finale that redefines epic. 'Cry havoc, and let slip the gods of war!'

Have you ever read a book and been lost for words? Has a book ever made you stop mid-page and whisper, 'holy 'f***', then reread the section a second time, maybe even a third, so as to fully comprehend what you have just read? Has a book ever made you do that numerous times? No? Then, allow me to introduce to you Dyrk Ashton's War of Gods, the awe-inspiring finale to the epic, urban fantasy Paternus Trilogy