Orange Storm by Ned Marcus - SPFBO 8 book review 10, Jun

*I was assigned this book for phase 1 of SPFBO 8*


I debated whether I should write a review of this book or not. It definitely falls in the apocalyptic/science fiction category, and probably should have been entered in to SPFBOs sister competition, SPSFC. However, I suppose it can be debated whether apocalyptic type stories fall under the science fantasy category. So I'll give it a brief review, in case it sounds interesting to those of you who stick with fantasy. 

This book starts out fast-paced, and never lets up. From the outset, the main character, Luke, witnesses a murder by strange beasts, escapes, only to get to his home and be stalked by a panther with orange-glowing eyes. He escapes this as well, but the panther drags his pregnant wife away to a strange man who kidnaps her. And from then on, we are thrown from one heart-pounding scene into many more. 

A strange snow has fallen over London - microscopically, it makes no sense, and is full of strange sand and crustacean-like creatures that can't be found on earth. A scientist working for MI5, Ruth, is tasked with figuring out what this strange snow is, and where it is coming from. It seems to be making people mildly sick. 

Amelia is a psychic who encounters Luke as he is running from the panther and trying to find his kidnapped wife. A voice tells her to help him, although several murders are being pinned on him. The poor man can't catch a break.

To be honest, there were a lot of things about this book that didn't make sense. Although it was fast-paced, and I finished it in about a day, I was left a little disappointed. A lot of things were never explained, there were several action sequences that suspended belief, and too many loose ends were left untied. It was hard to connect to the characters, and there was little to no emotional impact with what they were experiencing since everything was so rushed. 

However, it was entertaining. If you like extremely fast-paced stories with an apocalyptic plot and science fiction elements thrown in, you will probably enjoy this one.  

Blue Prometheus 28, Aug

Blue Prometheus by Ned Marcus  Blue Prometheus is a fantasy adventure initially set in our modern times. It begins with a pair of humans who have no knowledge of magic, when a craft from another world drops into the middle of riots in Clapton Pond in London. The two main characters, Thomas and Lucy, are friends who believe they were in the wrong place at the wrong time when they are informed by a mysterious being aboard the strange ship that they are needed to come and save another world.They are the prophesied Bright Ones.