An End to Sorrow (The Obsidian Path #3) by Michael R. Fletcher - Book Review 06, Jun

An End to Sorrow is the culmination of the Obsidian Path trilogy, a grimdark gem that is very bingeable, and totally unique. The story follows Khraen, the once demon emperor and his quest to reclaim the shards of his soul and take back the world he once ruled from the merciless wizards. Pretty metal, right? Pshht. Just you wait.

Norylska Groans by Michael R. Fletcher & Clayton W. Snyder - SPFBO 7 Finalist Book Review 27, Apr

Norylska is a city struggling under a number of oppressions. There is the near-permanent winter, the poverty and totalitarian government left in place after a recent war, and the depredations of the various criminal gangs determined to carve Norylska up between them, with Katyushka Leonova and Genndy Antonov caught in the middle. 

Norylska Groans by Michael R. Fletcher, Clayton W. Snyder - Book Review 08, Oct

Norylska Groans is a stylish fantasy thriller with a pitch perfect noir aesthetic. In a setting with post-revolutionary Russian themes, the brutal reality of a city on the edge of the tundra shoves two inhabitants of Norylska into a deadly power struggle.