The Vilification of Aqua Marine (Working Masks #1) by Megan Mackie Book Review 30, Jun


THE VILIFICATION OF AQUA MARINE by Megan Mackie was a book I was very interested in because I was a huge fan of the author's THE FINDER OF THE LUCKY DEVIL, which was an oddball combination of cyberpunk and urban fantasy. So hearing that she was doing a superhero novel was something that immediately inspired me to pick this up when it became available. People who know me may also note that I'm something of a superhero author myself, so I'm always glad to see the prose superhero genre expanded too.

The Prisoner of the Dead (Dead World #1) by Megan Mackie Book Review 21, Mar

THE PRISONER OF THE DEAD by Megan Mackie is the first volume of her Dead World series. I was a big fan of Megan Mackie's writing when I read her FINDER OF THE LUCKY DEVIL books, so I was willing to give her new series a chance. I used to be a big fan of zombie and post-apocalypse fiction but I felt like very few of them approached the quality level of The Walking Dead. Also, bluntly, too many of them forgot the purpose of the books were to root for the survivors than wallow in their misery. As such, when I do read zombie novels, I tend to restrict myself to YA these days.

The Finder of the Lucky Devil (Lucky Devil #1) by Megan Mackie Book Review 18, Jul


THE FINDER OF THE LUCKY DEVIL is one of my favorite finds last year. It's a genre busting book by Megan Mackie that represents some of the best urban fantasy I've read since first picking up Patricia Brigg's Mercedes Thompson. I don't normally give 5/5 marks to stories but I'm going to give her this one because it really is that entertaining. There's a couple of minor flaws but I'm weighing it from a 4.75 and rounding up since the rest of it was so good.