The Imbued Lockblade (Sol’s Harvest #2) by MD Presley – Book Review 17, Jun

MD Presley’s second novel in the Sol’s Harvest series is a solid follow-up to The Woven Ring. It develops the plot of the first novel in unexpected and surprising ways in the present while constructing a part of the world that was only hinted at in the past; yup, dual narratives a la Sanderson’s Stormlight Archives are back once again!

The Woven Ring (Sol's Harvest #1) 26, Nov

I’ve taken the exploration of flintlock fantasy to heart over this last year. From exploring Brian McLellan’s original Powder Mage trilogy, to Bulletproof Witches, all the way to Wax and Wayne’s part-Victorian, part Wild West adventures, some of the novels I most enjoyed spending my time with, evoke more than just a sniff of gunpowder as I run my eyes over page after page.