Shattered Dreams (Light in the Dark #1) by Ulff Lehmann - Book Review 13, Jul

War is coming to the land of Danastaer and a disparate group must prepare themselves, not only for the coming conflict, but to confront the mistakes of their pasts. 

Shattered Fears (Light in the Dark #3) by Ulff Lehmann Book Review 11, Sep


SHATTERED FEARS is the third novel in the Light in the Dark series. Ulff Lehmann has created a fascinating Warhammer Fantasy-esque world of magic, elves, demonic possession, and other staples while not detracting from the gritty dark atmosphere. It is a world where steel, blood, and sweat are the primary tools of the heroes (as well as villains). It's also a series that I strongly recommend for its excellent use of Medieval warfare tactics as well as brutal unsympathetic portrayal of life during feudal times.

Shattered Hopes (Light in the Dark #2) by Ulff Lehmann Book Review 23, Sep


SHATTERED HOPES by Ulff Lehmann is the sequel to SHATTERED DREAMS. The premise of SHATTERED DREAMS was an epic war being fought between an invading army and multiple players between it as well as the return of old magic the world. I liked the various characters within it as well as the twists and turns in the subplots. Characters found out their allies were enemies, their memories were untrustworthy, and what they thought was going on was nowhere near the truth.