Redshirts by John Scalzi - Book Review 03, Apr

Andrew Dahl is delighted to receive a prestigious posting to the starship Intrepid, the flagship of the Universal Union space fleet. But, before long, he starts to find the behaviour of his fellow crew-members more than a little odd...

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3/5 stars

This was an interesting listen for me. On the one hand, I felt like the story itself was unique. You have a man who kills people but isn’t an assassin (or at least, not really), an FBI agent who doesn’t follow the rules, and a missing man who maybe isn’t actually missing? But on the other hand, the main character didn’t feel fleshed out, and maybe a bit inconsistent. The prose was a bit stale, too. But I think many people will like the story itself. 

Old Man's War (Old Man's War #1) by John Scalzi Book Review 24, Oct


If you have never read Heinlein's Starship Troopers then Old Man's War is probably a 3.5/5. Without that familiarity, Old Man's War is an extremely entertaining and off-beat sci-fi novel with the quirky premise of a seventy-five year old man signing up for a new lease on life with the Colonial Defense Force. If you're familiar with Starship Troopers, the novel rather than the movie, then it becomes gut-bustingly hilarious.