She Wakes in Water (Hammer of Witches #2) by MK Gibson Book Review 29, Jul


SHE WAKES IN WATER is the second book of the Hammer of Witches trilogy. A urban fantasy series about a young half-Graeae (those witches from Clash of the Titans) who hunts down witches after a coven of them murders her mother. Having successfully destroyed the coven that did so and has been hunting fae for spell parts, Agatha continues to hunt down evil witches because what else is she supposed to do with her life?

She Dreams of Fire (The Hammer of Witches #1) by M.K. Gibson Book Review 09, Jun


SHE DREAMS OF FIRE is probably my all time favorite novel from M.K. Gibson and that's impressive since I absolutely loved VILLAINS RULE and the TECHNOMANCER series. I think my reasons for liking it are due to the fact it takes place in the modern world and manages to do a Dresden Files-esque world of fairies, magic, and demons. Indeed, M.K. Gibson's writing style is naturally similar to Jim Butcher's so it is really hitting the sweet spot as I wait for the release of PEACE TALKS or BRIEF CASES.