Bulletproof Witch: Beginnings (Bullet Proof Witch #1-4) by Francis James Blair Book Review 15, Jun


BULLETPROOF WITCH: BEGINNINGS (Book 1-4) by Francis James Blair is a collection of the first four novels of the Bulletproof Witch series. I know, what a surprise. I really enjoyed this book collection, which is on the lighter side of reading with each book being just under two hundred pages and very easy to finish in a single day. As such, I encourage readers to just buy the collection and read it as a single volume rather than picking up each individual one.

The Delivery of Flesh (Bulletproof Witch #1) 12, Jan

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this novella in return for an honest review. The Delivery of Flesh releases 12/01/2019 (that's January 12th for our American readers).

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