From faeries and myths and folklore, to mines and priests and the sacred aspect of the forge, Graham Austin-King jumps from one trilogy to the next, and from good to impeccable.

Faithless 16, Aug
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Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

It’s really ironic that for a book titled ‘Faithless’, it instead did the opposite by restoring my faith in self-published fantasy.

Faithless by Graham Austin King Book Review 11, Aug


FAITHLESS is a story which has already been reviewed on this site a few times but I feel the need to add my own two cents regarding. It is a short self-contained fantasy novel which tells a story of religion, corruption, faith, lack of faith, and greed. I'm familiar with Graham Austin King's work from his excellent Riven Wyrde Saga, which is a story about how corrupt evil fairies invade a fantasy world in order to enslave us as breeding stock as well as slaves. I really enjoyed that trilogy so I was a first day buyer for this one. I should mention I received a free copy of the book for my first review of it but purchased and re-read it for this review.