I began my journey in the Cosmere (Brandon Sanderson’s connected universe of fantasy and magic) three years ago when I picked up the Way of Kings on something of a drunken whim. I devoured it in a matter of days and moved on to Words of Radiance and Edgedancer before waiting with bated breath for Oathbringer that same year. I’ve since moved backwards(ish) through the Cosmere, reading both Mistborn trilogies and a bunch of short stories only now finally getting to the book that started it all—Sanderson’s debut Elantris.

Elantris (Elantris, #1) 10, Oct

Rating: 4/5 stars

Genre: Fantasy

Re-discovering Brandon Sanderson was one of my best decisions this year.

Elantris 16, Mar

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Exactly 3 months ago, I finished binge reading the two available books in the Stormlight Archive series, Brandon Sanderson’s magnum opus and my favorite series of all time. By that time, I already caught up to all Sanderson’s Cosmere works (excluding novellas) except his debut work, Elantris. Today, I finished it and in my opinion, it’s a great debut novel but at the same time it’s also Sanderson’s weakest Cosmere’s book. Once you read all his other books, it’s really clear that this is his debut work, whether from his writing or the way he weaved the world-building and magic systems.