NPCs (Spells, Swords, & Stealth #1) by Drew Hayes - Book Review 19, Sep

I was in the mood for something light and quick (and fantasy), and found NPCs languishing in my TBR pile. Now I'm glad I pulled it out :)

Corpies (Super Powereds #5) by Drew Hayes Book Review 03, Mar


CORPIES is a spin-off of Drew Hayes' SUPER POWEREDS series but can read as a stand-alone. I read the Super Powereds series first and really enjoyed it, so I was interested in picking this up. I'm also a fan of Drew Hayes' other series like FRED THE VAMPIRE ACCOUNTANT and VILLAINS' CODE. So, I was eager to pick this one up. I actually think this is probably my second favorite of his works as Villain's Code just barely edges it out.

Super Powereds: Year One by Drew Hayes Book Review 23, Feb


SUPER POWEREDS: YEAR ONE is the first volume of Drew Hayes' SUPERPOWERED's series. I was a already a fan of the man due to his FRED: THE VAMPIRE ACCOUNTANT and VILLAINS' CODE series. So, I had no doubt I was going to love this book. What were my feelings upon finishing the first book? I definitely enjoyed it with a few small caveats.