The Law (The Dresden Files #17.2), by Jim Butcher - Book Review 30, Jul

At this point I'm pretty much invested in the Dresden Files series, so there's a lot of momentum in reading new releases. This review covers the recent Novella plus a short story that appeared in another anthology.

The Law (Dresden Files 17.5) by Jim Butcher Book Review 09, Jul


THE LAW: A DRESDEN FILES NOVELLA by Jim Butcher is the latest story set in the wonderful world of Harry Dresden. Despite the fact I have some criticisms about the books, it remains one of my favorite urban fantasy series. Harry is just so damn likable, his flaws aside, and the writing style is just a warm Pop Tart to the brain. Unfortunately, a big cloud hangs over this volume and that is the fact it is the first story since the controversial death of an important supporting cast member. If you pick up this audiobook, prepare to be spoiled for it as it is a follow-up story to BATTLE GROUND. I admit to being one of those fans in denial who suspect they’ll be back sooner than later but we’ll see how that goes in upcoming books.

Battle Ground (Dresden Files #17) by Jim Butcher Book Review 29, Sep


BATTLE GROUND by Jim Butcher is the immediate sequel, perhaps better described as second half, to the novel PEACE TALKS released earlier this year. The book was originally one enormous volume but due to the lengthy wait between previous books and the size of the final work, it was split into two. If you haven't read Peace Talks then you should probably shy away from this review as it's impossible to talk about this volume without addressing some of the plot points from its predecessor. You have been warned.