We Ride the Storm (The Reborn Empire #1) 08, Sep


UPDATE #1: This book was originally assigned to & Michael McLendon for the first round of the SPFBO 2018, but we decided to promote it directly to a Semi-Finalist status thanks to Rob's review. 

UPDATE #2:  We offered this book as a Senlin Safety Net Candidate, and Fantasy Book Critic selected it as their Finalist. We've given it a 8.5/10 score for the second round of the SPFBO.

The Blood of Whisperers (The Vengeance Trilogy Book 1) by Devin Madson Book Review 19, May


Non-Medieval fantasy is something which remains as rare as rooster teeth. Despite the fact we love samurai, kung fu heroes, and ninjas--the simple fact is we mostly set our stories in the High Middle Ages rather than deviate from that practice much. Steampunk and urban fantasy have somewhat alleviated it but we're still dominated by stuff which takes place in variations of Europe. This isn't bad, mind you, but it's nice when someone breaks the patterns and sets a story in mythological China. Well, what seems to be a mythological China which conquered Europe as there's a lot of mashup going on.