Star Wars: Aftermath Trilogy Review 05, Jan

I review the post Return of the Jedi romp by Chuck Wendig aka Star Wars: Aftermath! 

Aftermath (Star Wars: Aftermath #1) 14, Apr

After some deliberation and the fact that there are 2 more books to go in the trilogy that I have yet to read/listen to, I decided to give Aftermath another go. The first time around, I found myself back in nerd heaven. I mean come on, its Star Wars. What more do you need? It starts where Return of the Jedi ends and ends where The Force Awakens begins. It has Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia Organa, Wedge Antilles, AND Admiral Akbar, just to name a few. It has to bring back all the feels and get people pumped for the new Star Wars movies and canon, right? Well, it didn't. For A TON of people. And there are. A few reasons. Why. (Sorry, Chuck. I, in particular, like the way you write).