Dames for Hire: HoloCity Case Files #1 (Bubbles in Space) by S.C. Jensen Book Review 07, Dec


DAMES FOR HIRE is a prequel spin-off of the BUBBLES IN SPACE series by S.C. Jensen. Bubbles in Space is a Neo-Noir thriller series set in HoloCity, a cyberpunk dystopia. Without spoiling, her private eye career takes something of a sideline to larger events so this seems to be based on the kind of cases she took before the first book. In other words, the main series is cyberpunk adventure while this is more detective series. I'm entirely cool with that.

Tropical Punch (Bubbles in Space #1) by S.C. Jensen Book Review 05, Aug


BUBBLES IN SPACE: TROPICAL PUNCH is a discovery for a jaded cyberpunk fan like myself. It is a surprisingly lighthearted story despite the noir elements it posses as well as its techno-dystopian setting that manages to absolutely bleed neon from every pore. It is also a book that I not only finished in a single day but proceeded to immediately buy the rest of the series of when I finished it. Bubbles is a fantastic heroine and its a ridiculous but well-developed mystery that she's found herself investigating.