West End Droids and East End Dames by Brian Parker (Easytown novels #3) 20, Sep


The Easytown series by Brian Parker is one of the most underrated cyberpunk series presently in production. Cyberpunk hit its heyday in the late 80s/early 90s with William Gibson popularizing the genre with Neuromancer before the Matrix sequels effectively killed it. Actually, I have another theory that technology, the internet, black hat hackers, corporate control, government surveillance, and tranhumanism made the subject no longer science fiction but just an accurate description of 21st century life.

Tears of a Clone (Easytown novels #2) 26, Aug


TEARS OF A CLONE is the second book in the Easytown Novels, which chronicle the adventures of a Deckard-esque detective named Zach Forrest as he does the Homicide Beat in a future New Orleans' Red Light District. I really enjoyed the first novel, THE IMMORALITY CLAUSE, and while I have some issues with the sequel, I think it's quite entertaining throughout.

The Immorality Clause (Easytown novels #1) by Brian Parker Book Review 01, Aug


THE IMMORALITY CLAUSE by Brian Parker is a cyberpunk novel about a burnt-out cop working the worst district of New Orleans in the latter half of the 21st century. It's not so far in the future things have changed dramatically but it's changed enough there's sex bots, advanced new weapons, and a society that's struggling to keep peace with the changes brought about by technology.