Blade Runner 2019 vol. 3: Home Again, Home Again (Blade Runner #3) by Titan Publishing Book Review 20, Jun


BLADE RUNNER 2019: VOLUME THREE: HOME AGAIN, HOME AGAIN wraps up the complicated plot of Ash and her charge, Cleo, in a way that is satisfying as well as sets up more stories to be told in the dark rain-soaked future of Phillip K, Dick (and Ridley Scott's) universe. There's a lot of surprising twists and turns in this volume but I'm glad to say they wrap up most of the plot points so that those wanting a complete story could just stop here.

Blade Runner 2019 vol. 2: Off World (Blade Runner #2) by Titan Publishing Book Review 01, Feb


BLADE RUNNER 2019 VOLUME TWO is the second graphic novel in the BLADE RUNNER graphic novel series released by Titan books. These serve as a prequel series to BLADE RUNNER 2049 and follow a story over roughly ten years of time. It's a hefty time skip but quite effective in its handling of the subject matter. It is a dark, gritty, noir series that I think benefits from the extensive time skip.

Blade Runner 2019 Vol. 1: Los Angeles (Blade Runner #1) by Titan Publishing Book Review 23, Dec


Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge BLADE RUNNER fan. I mean, I am a fan to a ridiculous level and I have an addition to not just the original film but the sequel, original DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP, its comic book adaptation, and even own a copy of the video game. So, I was definitely going to get these comic book spin offs even before I knew if they were any good. Are they any good? Oh hell yes. This is one of those rare comic books that I think is something that people should get even if they don't normally read comic books. You can even apply the snooty "graphic novel" term for them.