The Written (Emaneska #1) by Ben Galley - Book Review 10, Dec

The Written is an action-packed tale full of tropes and monsters. It features a solid central character whose motivations drive him to chase down leads and unravel the far-reaching implications of the theft of an ancient grimoire. I give it high marks for a robust setting that feels like it has the depth and history needed to sustain a hefty epic fantasy narrative.


Chasing Graves (The Chasing Graves Trilogy #1) by Ben Galley - Book Review 04, Aug

Chasing Graves is the story of a wisecracking lock-pick who gets himself murdered in an alley– but that’s just the beginning of the story. This unique and well-told tale is set in a vivid world, populated with interesting characters. It sets up a larger story, one that amps up the stakes higher than a thief’s fate, or a royal’s political schemes. It’s an adventurous captivity tale about life-and-death…but mostly death.

The Heart of Stone by Ben Galley - Book Review 25, Jun

Ben Galley’s The Heart of Stone matters. It shows that chains can be broken, that stories have a profound effect on how we humans perceive the world and what actions we take, and it has something to say about vengeance, justice and mistaking one for the other. This is a genuinely touching story, thanks to several memorable protagonists.