Battlefront: Twilight Company (Battlefront #1) by Alexander Freed Book Review 18, Aug


BATTLE FRONT: TWILIGHT COMPANY by Alexander Freed is a Star Wars novel following the adventures of a team of Rebel Mobile Infantry soldiers from after the Battle of Yavin to after the Battle of Hoth. It is a darker and edgier sort of book than the usual Star Wars fair, though still fundamentally idealistic at its core. Basically, it's a book dedicated to all those rebels gunned down on the Tantive IV and who were getting blasted in Hoth's trenches by AT-ATs. In the steak dinner of the Rebel Alliance, they are the diced carrots on the side.

Star Wars: Inferno Squad (Battlefront #2) by Christie Golden Book Review 08, Aug


STAR WARS: INFERNO SQUAD is the tie-in book to STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT II by Christie Golden. I'm a huge Christie Golden fan and love her work with Warcaft, Ravenloft, Star Craft, and her work in the Fate of the Jedi series. I was hesitant to read this book, though, because I felt that theĀ  Battlefront II game had been something of a disaster. I didn't dislike the protagonists of the single player campaign, even wanted to see more about them, but cutting off a third of their campaign for DLC left their story feeling pretty unfinished. Also, I felt like the game had been falsely advertised since it had implied a full Imperial campaign but you only spent a little time as Inferno Squad before defecting to the Rebellion.