Kings of Heaven (Ash and Sand #3) by Richard Nell Book Review 28, Aug


KINGS OF HEAVEN is the grand finale of the Ash and Sand series. This is one of the best series I've ever read, fantasy wise, and I gladly mark it up with the First Law Trilogy or even the first three books of A Song of Ice and Fire. Perhaps even better than the content of the book itself is the fact that it successfully sticks to the landing. I've become somewhat disappointed in recent offerings that set up an amazing story, create a bunch of interesting characters, and then fall apart in trying to end things. This is not the case here and I rank this book as high as I do its predecessors.

Kings of Ash (Ash and Sand #2) by Richard Nell Book Review 24, Aug


KINGS OF ASH by Richard Nell is the sequel to the exceptionally good novel, KINGS OF PARADISE that came out in 2017. An intricate story of a deformed genius named Ruka, a beautiful but ruthless priestess named Dala, and a spoiled prince named Kale. The conflict is over the beautiful tropical paradises that are a stark contrast to the grey "Lands of Ash" that Ruka and Dala come from.

Kings of Paradise (Ash and Sand #1) by Richard Nell - Book Review 24, Aug

Kings of Paradise is an epic fantasy that grabs you from the very first page with a strong voice, intimate character portrayals, and unique worldbuilding choices. Despite its 600 page heft, it felt like a quick read that kept me up past my bedtime, and savagely set the hook for books two and three.