Cyber Squad (Cyber Squad #1) by Anna Mocikat book review 20, Aug


CYBER SQUAD - LEVEL 1: A GAMELIT/LITRPG LITE CYBERPUNK ADVENTURE by Anna Mocikat is a book about a man who gets the job offer of a lifetime: decoding bugs in a massive Elder Scrolls Online-like experience. Well, it's a lot better than the real thing since decoding in this world involves taking your avatar into the game and having them slay homicidal AI. Oh and if you die in the game then there's a non-zero chance that you'll go brain dead as a result. So maybe not the job offer of a lifetime except in the literal sense.

Behind Blue Eyes (Behind Blue Eyes #1) by Anna Mocikat Book Review 26, Jul


BEHIND BLUE EYES by Anna Mocikat is a independent cyberpunk novel. It is a story that draws on dystopian science fiction tropes as well as puts the author's own spin on the subject. It also incorporates the journey of its heroine from being a pawn of a corrupt system to being her own woman, finding out along the way that you can't trust anyone even if they seem to be the good guys. A lesson that she learns multiple times with increasing bitterness.