A Testament of Steel (Instrument Of Omens #1) 01, Feb

Cinder Shade remembers nothing before he woke up in a well. Nothing of his massacred parents, his brother, his home, his disability…only fleeting glimpses of another life lived long ago, a life that couldn’t possibly have belonged to him. Compelled by a need to protect those who can’t protect themselves, Cinder enrolls at an academy to train to be a warrior. There, he is determined to not just make a place for himself, but to be the best in his class, a warrior capable of defeating even the elves and dwarfs, races deemed far superior to humans, for they have access to an inner power humans do not. Not content to accept the roll his human birthright has ascribed to him, Cinder trains harder and longer than any of his peers, unlocking mysteries within himself that allow him to succeed far beyond the limitations of his human condition.