The Bear Cavalry: The True (Not!) History of the Icelandic Bears by D.G. Valdron - SPFBO 2020 Book Review

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The Bear Cavalry: The True (Not!) History of the Icelandic Bears

*I was assigned this book in SPFBO 2020*

I must admit, when I saw this on my list I did a double-take. Wait, what is this, now? And props to the author. The structure is unique and the whole idea had me scratching my head, trying to figure out exactly what genre this book fell in. Unfortunately, I don't think it fits in a fantasy competition. 

This story is structured like a documentary. It reads more like a script than a story, and I had a hard time getting used to it. The frequent changes from narrator to interviewer to inserting off screen comments was hard to follow. I eventually got more used to it, but once I hit 22% I DNF'd it. This story, although unique, is not fantasy. It is alternate history, and I tried to give it enough time (1/5th of the book) to reveal it's fantasy elements, but there were none. I know that fantasy is subjective in a lot of ways. One person would call it fantasy, another this, another that. This story had no magic, no plotline, and was basically a rehashing of history that never happened. 

Now, that's not to say the idea isn't intriguing. I just really wish the author had written it as a fantasy book. I mean, c'mon! Icelandic tribe with a heavy influence of magic bears? Sign me up. Total bad-ass idea. 



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