The Memoirs of a Faun

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The Memoirs of a Faun by Caldon Mull 

The story itself, is of a unique group called the Numinous Constraint Agency. It is their job to recover Numinosities living in our world who are in moving into their Luminous Cycling. Cycling can be a very dangerous time for mortals in contact with them and the world we inhabit could be destroyed if they’re left to run the gauntlet alone and unencumbered. The Numinous Constraint team, consists of an Angel, a Titan, a human agent from the CIA, and the boss, Arteus, the Faun.

Arteus, known as Octavian Rusta Barca or Rusty in the present, is an immortal Dream Herald and a Dream Shaper as well. He does his best to keep his power secreted as he is the only one of his kind. There are other members whose history isn’t revealed such as Circe and it leaves a bit of a hole in the plotline.  There are a lot of stories within the book relating to the characters, but they aren’t all explored. Just the ones who are directly involved at the moment. Caleb is an angel, once a mortal who rose in the ranks of the cherubim and seraphim and is the Arch-Baal of the bureau of Sustenance. His story lays the foundation for the existence of the realms, where a lack of faith in mankind has driven the realm of the Heavens into decay and started a war between the Ealdar and the Eliohim. 

Drawing heavily on mythos, and immortal beings as its foundations, the book begins as what would appear to be a lull between assignations for the team. A relating of their current circumstance and the adding Duke, our human CIA investigator, to the NCA is marked to have begun in 1978 as a chapter heading in the beginning of the book. The rest of the chapters are left to our imaginations, only knowing events in these chapters may have happened millennia ago or may be present time is an inconsistency error. The story wraps in 1979, as the group recovers from their last mission.

I suppose we should discuss the elephant in the room. I really despise denigrating other people’s work but it must be said. This cover can be called nothing better than unfortunate. Although once read, there is a symbolism there that relates to the story. It just needs to be captured in a completely different way IMHO. When you are writing a book that revolves around beings who are ethereal demi-gods, in a battle to save the realms from rot and corruption, the cover should reflect it. It is too important to a book's success, not to invest in a good graphic designer at the least. 

This was a very read difficult for me and that’s saying a lot. The traveling of dream nodes, cusps, and shaping are intricate. Ancient conversations use archaic biblical dialogue which is interesting, but the hardest part was keeping the timeline straight and the characters identifiable. Add to this, info dumps regarding complex ideas, like the God Machine, and the squabbling bureaus of the realms of Heaven, the Eloihim, and Fulesh the World Dreamer, and you have a rather confusing book. The content is fascinating, but the structure makes it difficult to enjoy. 

The author could use a good editor to help maintain a better flow in this story, and to re-structure the timeline moving between past and present so it makes better sense. The text is rough, with missing words, a lot of typos and grammatical errors. Chapters start at what seems to be present time and are marked by date. Others are marked as titles of mission, possibly in the past, and jump directly into the next point of view in first person, and we do not know who it is or when the unfolding events take place. It takes a great deal of pondering to figure out where, when, and whom you find yourself in. 

Even though I am usually interested in stories like this one, full of mythology and the escpades of the Nephilim, this one was overreaching. With hard work, the story of Arteus the Faun could be shaped into a great book. 


*The Memoirs of an eighth-dimensional creature don't fall into your lap every day by coincidence. If your name is Argus, a handsome, creative and capable Titan, worthy of promotion ahead of that Angel guy, the Demi-god and the upstart human, you can read them. Besides, nobody said not to read them, nobody said not to send them to that mortal publisher, so why the fuss? The assembled cast of the Numinous Constraint Agency are all introduced through chapters and missions. Metaphysics, Biblical myth and Quantum Mechanics collide in this novel with soap-opera family relationships, villains and perilous cosmic happen stance as recorded by Arteus the Faun.

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