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A Shattered Empire (Sorcery Ascendant Sequence, #3)

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Read from August 26 to 31, 2016

A Shattered Empire is the perfect closure for an excellent sequence (that's right, a sequence. And when there is a sequence, there are more to follow) by a relatively new author that decided to get famous. And you can't stop him

To begin with, this is a book that isn’t just about magic and fighting, but about rightness, ideals and values, desires and reality, compulsion and free will. Trust, and realizing that appearances can be deceiving in more than one way. You could say that Mitchell Hogan stole a lot of elements from another book, it being none other than the book of life.

""A morsel of knowledge. Either shown out of friendship, or they were trying to manipulate him. Caldan regretted doubting them, but such was his existence now. Doubt everything. Trust no one."

Characters, world building and magic system are further developed, something you don't usually see in the final chapter of a series. A lot of elements (such as magic and reality, creation and destruction, friendship and treason, fear and courage, and finally acceptance of one's nature) are masterfully intertwined, creating a plot that keeps you hooked and determined to reach the truth behind all lies. But you don't get to learn them all. A lot of situations are left unexplained (i can't tell if this was intentionally or by mistake) such as:



1) We already know that Savine killed Caldan's grandparents, from the prologue of the first book. But... why? Gazija's kin supposedly didn't care about the existence of trinkets and such, so it was probably not about the trinkets. It couldn't be about the blood either. So, what was it about?

2) We get to learn 2 different versions of the first Shattering's ending. In one, the Emperor Zerach-Sangur killed every mage holding a bone trinket, and destroyed most (keeping at least 2, intact).  In the second version, The Talon's master killed every mage in existence, dying as well. A lot of questions arise here. What's the correct version? Was the Talon lying? Was the Emperor the true master of the Talon, and if yes why did it implied that he died? Why the Emperor didn't know about the secret lab's existence? If the Emperor was one of the old, why didn't he command the Jukari and Vormag (like Amerdan tried to do)?  



 I really hope my questions are legit that they haven't already been answered in the book, because I would hate to make a joke of myself. Anyway, this was but a small part of the story, and doesn't really affect my rating. All in all, if you are reading this review, you probably have read my reviews about the first two installments as well, so you should probably already know my opinion about the series. If not, i'm sure you completely got the point. Sorcery Ascendant Sequence is niceSorcery Ascendant Sequence is goodSorcery Ascendant Sequence is a must read.  So go read it.


*I wrote this review with a heavy heart, because I fucking wrote it 1 hour ago, and closed the tab without saving. 

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