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The Heart of Stone and Faithless

Write on: Thu, 27 Jul 2017 by  in Michael's Reviews Read 4559

For my first video for Booknest I reviewed two self published gems, The Heart of Stone by Ben Galley and Faithless by Graham Austin-King.

The Heart of Stone contains one of my new favorite characters in the genre: the wind-cut golem, Task. This 400 year old warrior with his compelling existentialism and struggle with rage will have you turning page after page. Highly recommend!

Faithless is an intimate tale about two characters dealing with deep emotional trauma. This story has elements of horror and fantasy weaved together artfully so as to dramatize the characters' problems for the story without cheapening or disrupting that reality. It's got intrigue, mystery, religion, and FIRE. Read this book! 

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Michael McLendon is an actor living in NYC.

His favorite authors are Brandon Sanderson and Mark Lawrence. 

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