Never Die

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Never Die is the lean, fighting-anime-inspired fantasy novel you’ve always wanted. 


I love action-packed sword-slashing fantasy-filled anime. BUT somewhere along the way, I get a little bit disnterested. Now this is partly due to the serialized nature of the story telling. It generally doesn’t have to end and if it’s popular why would they end it? They’re stil selling Batman and Spider-Man comics as far as I’m aware.

I say all that only to set a contrast to what Rob accomplishes in Never Die. Within it is contained: a cast diverse in personality and aesthetic, breathtaking action set pieces, successively higher stakes for our characters and the battles they must face, and an overarching narrative and mystery that binds it all together. 

Perhaps the best way to recommend this novel to our readers is simply to encourage you to judge this book by its cover. Felix Ortiz(illustration) and Shawn T. King(design) delivered a cover that not only piqued my interest in reviewing this book but it’s also one that doesn’t oversell the nature of the story contained inside. 

And lest we forget, however cool the cover and the action scenes might be, it really is these characters-their brokenness, their hope for redemption or glory, their relationships to each other- that make this story worthwhile.

Never Die is a perfectly paced, action laced katana of a novel that cuts through expectations and delivers a killing blow to the outside world until you’ve bled with this rag tag group of legends to the tale’s satisfying conclusion. 

*I received a free ebook copy of this title for review. 


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