Paternus: Wrath of Gods (Paternus Trilogy #2)

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Wrath of Gods stands alongside The Blinding Knife, King of Thorns, and The Desert Spear on the shelf of fantasy sequels that deftly take us deeper into a story and world than we ever expected to go. 

Wrath of Gods picks up hours after the events of book 1. And no worries if you need a refresher because Dyrk has included an incredibly helpful summary and cast list to help you dive back in -whether it’s been a few months or minutes since you experienced the first book.

Wrath of Gods is better than its predecessor in every way. I say this, not as disparagement to book 1, but rather to illustrate how Dyrk has built this sequel off the foundation of the first one. Completely unshackled by the ‘starting from scratch’ issue in any first volume in a fantasy series, Wrath of Gods hits the ground running or should I say leaping out of a dang airplane with the god Horus flying in formation

However it is also confidently constructed with a final third that’s part calm before the storm of the coming conclusion and part lightning and thunder of events that will shake and shape our characters throughout the final volume. 


Revelation and Revelations

For me the defining aspect of this novel,  is its handling of the big and the small. The camera zooms in to show us the inner life of the young and ancient beings in our cast, while also giving us the breadth and depth of history and power that many of these relationships are built on. And as the curtain is pulled back on mysteries set up in the first volume, we see the mixing of real world myth and author creation blend in an unexpected and thrilling fashion. There’s even a strange sense of gravitas and whimsy as we see the crafting of all new myths and parables to be passed down. These novel interactions of the young protagonists and creatures of myth and folklore serve both the larger big stakes story and the intimate character development that makes us care. 

Intimate with a dash of the infinite, I enjoyed the quiet and the bombastic, the heart wrenching and the wacky, the spectacles and the specters. Wrath of Gods is the best kind of sequel giving us character growth, revelations, thrilling narrative, and middle book build-up in equal measure. I don’t know what to expect in the final book of the trilogy, but I do know I’ll be reading this volume again.

*I received an ebook and print copy of this book from the author, who I consider to be a good guy and friend. I also really loved this book. :) 




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