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The Falconer (The Falconer, #1)

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Rating: 5 stars

Genre: Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Steampunk, Fantasy, Fae

“I'm like him. I'm a monster,too.”

Historical fiction meets steampunk. They fall in love, they get married and they go for their honeymoon to Scotland, the magical land of wild beauty and alluring lore. Everything is perfect, until the bloodthirsty fae find them. Hunted and on the run, they give birth to their love child. The Falconer.

 “Crimson suits you best.”

The Falconer. A female warrior, born to kill the fae. Except Aileana's the last one of them, and she has a crumbling social life and reputation to fix, her mother's death to avenge, a honey-loving pixie that mends dresses in her closet, a friend who covers for her midnight strolls and a mysterious, insanely handsome instructor who happens to be a faery. Oh, and she also has to stop the Apocalypse. And find a husband.

“Time won’t fix me. Time allows me to become more skillful at hiding how much I hurt inside. Time makes me a great liar. Because when it comes to grief, we all like to pretend.”

Do you know what's the best way to prevent your brain cells from turning into mush after long hours reading Philosophy of Law? take a nap Grab a good book. Preferably one that features flying machines, balls, a hot collection of weapons and beautiful gowns. Thank you Elizabeth May, you're the reason my brain still functions!

I LOVED IT. I swallowed this book. Plain and simple. The quick pace was captivating, the descriptions and landscapes breathtaking and the heroine really badass!! I can't say I've read many steampunk books but The Falconer is a great example of how fascinating this genre is! Add some sass and romance, world-changing events and a variety of emotions and voila! you read it in one sitting without regrets!

“Kiaran and I have little connection beyond our names. We battle, bleed and hunt together almost every night. He teaches me how to slaughter in the most effective, brutal ways possible. But I've never told Kiaran why I hunt, and he has never told me why he kills his own kind. This is our ritual, our dance. The only one that matters.”

Kiaran is an absolutely swoonworthy male lead. Hunted by his own demons, secretive and bossy, he starts off as Kam's mentor but he eventually becomes something more. I love me some slow-burning relationships!

I must warn you though, there is a terrible cliffhanger that left me frustrated, angry and hurt.

Care to join me in agony?

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