Space Academy Dropouts by C.T. Phipps - Book Review

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Space Academy Dropouts is a high adventure farce that was a quick and fun read. I’d highly recommend it for fans of humorous sci-fi, or just sci-fi, or just humor.

Captain Vance Turbo, yes he legally changed his name to that, is a screw up. Sure he is a crack shot, a smooth talker, and just maybe a genius, but he just got himself kicked out of Space Fleet Academy. He won’t have time to screw around though. Before you know it he is kidnapped and force- conscripted into a secret plot to save the universe. Some solar scale weapons of mass destruction have gone missing and Vance and a crew of misfits will have to go into the galactic badlands to track them down before it sparks a full blown interstellar war.

The characters were developed enough to be interesting and all of them had funny quirks that that made for a gag or two. I enjoyed the humor. C.T. Phipps always peppers in some amusing pop culture references and plenty of funny one liners. 

The plot featured lots of twists and turns. Space Academy Dropouts did a great job of setting the hook early and continually upping the stakes. It was fast paced and entertaining. A quick and enjoyable read with a surprisingly philosophical streak running through it.

This book was a wild ride. It was a great adventure full of plot twists and jokes. Super fun!

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