Infiltrator (Agent G #1) by C.T. Phipps - Book Review

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Agent G: Infiltrator is a little outside of my usual genre wheelhouse. I was a little bit worried that this story might not be for me, but the book quickly changed my opinion. It is a well-told story populated by interesting characters with a dash of humor to top it all off. I found myself moving through the novel briskly and I would definitely recommend this for anyone who likes sci-fi thrillers, Bond movies, assassin stories, cyberpunk etc.

Agent G is the story’s protagonist, a cybernetically enhanced jet-setting assassin for hire. I'm not sure if it was because of the cover or my opinion of James Bond, but I was half expecting him the be a womanizing douchebag.  The author did a great job flipping the script on this sort of expectation there are a few spots where Phipps thumbs his nose at spy tropes and cliches. G has a good back and forth with the female characters in the book and they definitely have agency and for the most part end up being as well-rounded or more so than the men in the story. 

I really enjoyed the plot of this novel. Phipps did a really great job of setting the stakes early and then subverting expectations just enough to keep it fresh. The novel is very well paced and comes in at a trim 228 pages. It never gets bogged down in technical jargon, information dump, or heavy-handed backstory like a lot of spy novels do. It sets up the story and every scene deepens character relationships and moves the plot along. High marks for that. I think anyone looking for a quick spy thriller is in for a treat.

  I really appreciated the humor and the voice of the narrative. It's not trying too hard to be hilarious, but the author did a great job of giving characters their own individual senses of humor.  G is the one who narrates the book and he has a fair amount of snark without making the story goofy and undermining the deadly stakes.

All-in-all, Agent G: Infiltrator is an action packed, hi-tech thriller told with just the right amount of pop culture references and witty banter to distinguish it from a cookie cutter specimen of the genre. Cybernetic technology and world building also contribute to a unique setting which I enjoyed. The bad guys have a unique flair to them that added to the larger than life tone of the novel. Thumbs up! This was a good book, and a fun, fast read.


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